““The Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit”” will be on exhibition at Accenture Innovation HUB Tokyo on Dec 2nd.

““The Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit””

Gugen Japan is proud to introduce the newly developed Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit. Our interactive cultivation kit can help individuals learn about mushroom gardening and the dietary benefits of the Kikurage Mushrooms, known as the Cloud Ear Fungus. Our kit has the added benefit of further developing individual’s emotional understanding, especially in children, by encouraging positive emotional responses during the growth of your mushroom colony.

Our goal is to take the Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit from prototype to a commercialized product. We hope to receive your consideration and support in making the goal in reality!

Please visit our website: https://gugen.jp/entry2018/2018-083 to learn more about the Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit (in Japanese only). Please click the “heart” icon πŸ’—γ»γ—γ„γ­ on our site to show your support for this product.

““Present Request””

Kikurage mushrooms are very sensitive and fickle fungi, demanding the grower to be aware of watering quantity, ambient temperature, and relative humidity of the surrounding area. It would be of great benefit to better understand the needs of the Kikurage mushroom to create the most suitable growing environment.

““Our Solution””

To satisfy the request of our customers, we developed a new and interactive device called “The Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit - ‘I am Kikurage’”

> Feel free to name your Kikurage device just like you would name a pet.
>Use the Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit to help your child develop positive emotional responses to different situations through the mushroom growing process.
>And learn about the dietary benefits of mushrooms.

We have added several new features (see below):

  • Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit has embedded voice and expression features that alert you about your mushroom colony’s current conditions, Our device will notify you when your mushrooms need water or an increase or decrease in surrounding temperature of humidity. For example “I am thirsty, I need water!”
  • An online app service that connects you directly with Kikurage experts, Our experts will help guide you through the process of growing your Kikurage mushrooms. We record to you and respond as soon as possible.
  • Play with your Mushroom Game Apps which connect you to other Mushroom fanatics in the Kikurage community.
  • Shop for Kikurage mushroom beds and other accessories in our In-App Shopping section.
  • View In-App and Online Kikurage recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.

The interactive Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit with its new features will help you grow and enjoy your Kikurage mushroom at home.

If you like our new product, please click on the “heart” icon πŸ’—γ»γ—γ„γ­ on our website to show your support. We greatly appreciate your support and consideration and hope that you can soon enjoy our new and interactive Kikurage Mushroom Cultivation Kit in your own home^^.