Brand New “Emotional" Japanese Kikurage mushroom cultivation kit

Brand New “Emotional" Japanese Kikurage mushroom cultivation kit

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Unlike traditional mushroom cultivation kits,
We have added the new features request by the consumers of the older version.

1. Moisture, temperature and cultivation timing with facial expression and voice alerts. Also, this information is uploaded to the app.
2. Nurturing consultation hotline app service. Managed by fungi experts.
3. Mushroom game apps that connect with other users in the community.
4. Easily purchase Kikurage mushroom fungi beds using the in-app shopping feature.
5. Cloud ear mushroom recipes in-app and on the website. 

Since the product release of the Kikurage mushroom cultivation kit from summer 2018,
We have gathered so many valuable requests from users!

For example:
I do not know how much and how often to water. What is the best?
Is 23 ℃ is the optimal temperature?
Should humidity be kept at 80%?
I cannot control humidity & room temperature accurately. So what should I do?. Our mission is to solve these customer requests. So we developed the “Emotional” Japanese Kikurage mushroom cultivation kit.

So please help us by voting and get this into production!