Japanese IT engineer challenge as farmer to automate agriculture in Japan

Now Japan is confronting a problem with the decreased number of farmers'  and a  low rate agricultural self-sufficiency rate.

To solve this, I have launched a project with automation, optimization, quality improvement using state-of-the-art IT technology plus agricultural know-how.

Currently, I do research on IT technology in Tokyo, practicing agriculture at tomato farmers and acquiring skills.

Why I launched the project?

I feel a sense of crisis in the future that Japan can't supply enough food. 
My aim is to stop reducing the food self-sufficiency rate due to the decline of farmers in Japan.

[Current situation 1] The farmers in Japan have decreased significantly in these past five years(2012 to 2017)

The Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries investigated, the agricultural working population in 2017 is 1.816 million in 2012 is 2.606 million.

It has declined by almost 28% in five years! The average age of that farmer is 66 years old, the elderly. Sure is the problem.

[Current situation 2] The food self-sufficiency rate in Japan now is low with 38% on a calorie basis

According to the survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, the food self-sufficiency rate in Japan for 2018 is 38% on calorie basis. It is low level at 39% in 2012.

Corporate activities that will brighten the future of agriculture in Japan

A movement to secure young farmers now to brighten up the future of agriculture in Japan is also becoming active. As a representative thing, enterprises are entering agriculture.

In the three years since 2006, agricultural corporations other than agricultural production corporations have entered agriculture only slightly more than 200 cases.

In addition, a high-tech plant factory that does not require agricultural land is being made. However, it seems that there are not many companies that are profitable at present.

Reasons for most large corporate agriculture in Japan is currently not profitable

The situation now is that companies that do not understand agriculture know-how are not getting profitable revenues.

Profitable farmers and agricultural enterprises are pursuing human-productivity such as improve efficiency, productivity, and save unevenness and waste. Also acquire data and knowledge by recording, analyzing and improving production processes and labor. To be profitable, wisdom of farmers is necessary.

Proposal: Create a mechanism to enter into profitable agriculture business whether it is not a large company, a farmer or not

I will challenge how to solve the Japanese food problem from the my perspective by utilizing the state of the art IT engineer skills, knowledge of agricultural department university graduate knowledge, agricultural practical training at tomato farmers.

The mission is to harvest high-quality agricultural crops more easily, securely and reliably, and make a mechanism to sell the world to the market.

Use Information Technology

IoT (Internet of things): everything around us connects to the Internet "mechanism

AI (artificial intelligence): artificially realized the function of human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, judgment, using a computer.

Big data: Huge datasets that are difficult to record, store and analyze in conventional database management systems

Cross-border EC (Internet shopping): International e-commerce through internet shopping site

Digital marketing: Promotion of products and brands through electronic media

Agricultural technology

Biological aspect

Soil, fertilizer, leaf membrane potential

Investigation of troubleshooting know-how of efficient procedure of farming.

Taking advantage of these technologies and farmers' wisdom, I  will tackle into Japanese food supply problems! Sure will update blogs at any time, and release information. I am always open mind to exchange information! Please comment^^


Kotaro Shimada

Plant AI IOT researcher
Cross-border shopping site advisor

Taking advantage of these technologies and farmers' wisdom, we will face Japanese food problems! We will update blogs at any time, and we will release information and exchange information!

My background is graduate from the Agriculture Department of Agriculture, Meiji University. Also, I am an IT engineer over 10 years as WEB programming and development experience

I am promoting automation of agriculture and horticulture by cross-border EC shopping site, customer acquisition Q & A site, product data monitoring tool, plant + AI + IoT using PHP, Java, Javascript. Python, Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift) I will.

Taking advantage of these technologies and farmers' wisdom, we will face Japanese food problems! We will update blogs at any time, and we will release information and exchange information!


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