IoTLT: Japan's largest IoT study group conference

Tokyo is going to be one of the great city to learn about IoT.

There are many research presentations and workshops arousing about IoT.
Also, transportation to the place held is easy using trains where its held.

I have joined IoTLT at Nifclounge. The association is the largest community of IoT members in Japan.  #IoTLT
The first one Japan's industry?! IoT related only studying group / LT(a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes) meeting! It is the 41st time this time.

About 5 minutes Lightning Talk from many people was held this time, around 7pm to 9pm.
The contents and keywords of this presentation are as follows.

Built-in × IoT

MONGOOS OS, Espurino.
HEARTalk Speech dialogue system in which the mind is felt

Javascript Board past, present, future
Cloud type and effective thing
Obniz released in 2018

 Held IoT Hackathon for student engineers

Electric conductive cloth module

You can use fabric touch panels for cloth products such as curtains.
Opened at GIF+ booth at Makers fair 2018 tokyo

RPA and IoT
What is RPA? Robotic Process Automation
General Affairs, BackOffice Efficiency Automation System

Temperature sensor with LoRaWAN

Node-red development environment
+ Data visualization
+ Real-time communication with Infotype Information

Receipt master
Create a receipt with Alexa

IoT Training Board
STEAM Education

Showdown at ESP 32
obniz can specify which socket specification programmatically.

Robot arm and sensingDetect malfunction of 6 degrees robot arm

Challenge on IoT at a plastic greenhouse (failure experience version)
Wing arc

Try WebRTC with IoT device
WERRTC compatible with IoT devices via the Internet

Clova + Nefry

Challenge on IoT at a plastic greenhouse (failure experience version) had so much information valuable experience for me who studies agriculture and AI IoT.
Measurement factors like soil PH and atmospheric pressure which I haven't measured was a great news.

Method of installing solar panels on site for power supply which I wanted to do.

After LT there it was a social gathering. We discuss with about difficulties how to convince to install IoT with farmers. We agreed to install IoT which the farmer need (ex, Pest detection, Plastic Greenhouse cover control when storm).

I had a good time.

I will continue participating ^ ^